Popular Living Room Colors for 2014 – Coral

When looking for a paint color for 2014 consider a cool neutral. Brown is out. Gray is in. Black can be used for a focal wall. Instead of earth tones there are lots of neutrals. This is easier to match with your existing furniture. This may leave you feeling like you didn’t decorate at all. Instead, if you want a cheerful space try one of the hottest trends in fashion – coral.

Coral is perfect if your husband doesn’t want a pink living room. It has a little bit of orange to it and works with more themes than you would originally think.

This should only be used as a wall color in rare instances. It works the best in larger spaces. It can even be formal if you base it off an oriental rug which often uses this color palette. Look for heavy wood furniture and lots of rich leather tones for a formal space.

You really don’t need a lot of this color in smaller spaces. Spray paint a few lamps and add in some throw pillows. You can still get an interesting look if you have neutral walls. For accent colors this is often paired with turquoise and lime green.

This is also wonderful in rooms that otherwise feel a little bit too stark. Black and white rooms are all the rage right now and may be the only colors in this room. It often has black and white horizontal stripe curtains. Adding in this more feminine color is going to be more feminine and fun.

How to Decorate With Gray Paint in Your Living Room

Gray is the only trendy color that has a little bit of personality to it. Decorating all white rooms requires lots of layering and money to be successful. Gray is still a neutral but it’s a lot easier to use.

Look for lighter gray paint tones. There are darker charcoal walls but this is the best either on an accent wall, fireplace stone, or in a larger room light gray keeps the room from feeling like a dungeon even in small spaces.

Gray can be the background for almost any accent color you want. It’s a more sophisticated way to decorate with coral, turquoise, or mint green. Anything you put in a gray room is going to stand out so just use a throw blanket and pillows.

Pattern is important in these spaces just because there are so many gray living rooms out there this year and the color palettes are so monochromatic. Ikat gets an update with a simplified gray and white color palette. The bold black and white stripes from last year have turned towards neutral tones.

Layering textures is also absolutely essential in this room. It includes plexi glass nesting tables, rich velvet curtains, grasscloth wallpaper, tufted ottomans, and microsuede couches. These can all be in shades of gray but for a more lasting room look for ivories and even taupe.

Gray is somewhat unusual just because it is so popular across all decorating styles right now. You can still make it unique with the patterns and textures you bring in.

What Accent Color Should I Use?

Now that you have a neutral base it’s time to add in some color and personality. Gray and yellow was a popular color combination last year but there is a more cohesive cool color palette that you’ll find this year. (Yes it still has gray in it, doesn’t everything?)

Thankfully the accent wall is dead unless you have a very modern room. This tended to break up small spaces and usually led to one color that was so bold that it shouldn’t have been on any wall.

The one area where you’ll find an accent wall is on the fireplace or TV wall. Instead of the whole wall this works the best if you have neutral built in’s on every side. Surprisingly black seems to be the most popular choice for this but in a very small and defined way. Deep charcoal tones also work.

Purple and gray is another combination that we’re seeing more of this year. It should be a muted lavender tone for a vintage feel. This is also an update to the shabby chic style but it’s also in contemporary rooms too. You don’t need a lot of it; just on a few throw pillows or a rug will do. You’ll want to use a very muted purple so it doesn’t seem like a teenager’s room.

Turquoise and gray was another popular palette last year and the year before and we’re seeing less of it although it still is an option. Instead, periwinkle and gray seems to be where it’s at. This has taken place of the harsher navy tone that’s been popular for a while.

Committing to an entire blue sofa or sectional may be a little bit scary and really isn’t the best use of your money long term. However, look for a beautiful tufted ottoman or an accent chair.

Since there are so many neutral paint colors this year one of the cheapest decorating options is gone. There‚Äôs a trend towards expensive built in’s. Look for colorful furniture on clearance or even at the thrift store to balance your budget and add life and personality.